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Learn How We Can Help With Your new residential construction in Austin, Texas

Feb 6

Are you considering remodeling your Austin, TX home? Whether you want to update your home’s aesthetic with a modern look, increase its energy efficiency, or upgrade its safety and security, hiring the right electrical contractor is key to making the most of your home’s interior. At Retiz Electric - Austin, our team of experienced professionals have the skills and expertise to help make sure your renovations are done right. When it comes to remodeling, few areas are as important as the electrical system. Outdated wiring can be a fire hazard, and in many cases, electrical outlets, switches, and fixtures need to be replaced in order to accommodate new appliances and fixtures. During a complete remodel, the electrical system needs to be completely re-designed and upgraded, bringing it up to current standards and making sure it is safe, efficient, and code-compliant.

At Retiz Electric - Austin, we are dedicated to providing quality electrical services for all types of residential remodels. Our team can help with the Residential New Construction Austin relocation and installation of new wiring, light switches, and sockets. We can also install recessed lighting, dimmers, and motion sensors, allowing you to control your home's lighting with different levels of brightness and conveniently conserve energy. Even for older homes, our technicians can rewire existing fixtures and upgrade any fixtures that need to be replaced. We also offer a number of modern options like Smart Home technology, allowing you to control different systems in your home with voice commands and phone and tablet apps. For older homes, one of the biggest advantages that come with Residential Remodeling Austin the electrical system is a decrease in energy usage. Energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and components can provide significant money-saving benefits over the life of the products. With our team’s help, you can upgrade your home’s light fixtures and electrical outlets for greater efficiency and cost savings.

When it comes to Residential New Construction Austin, Retiz Electric - Austin can help you ensure that your new home is fitted with all the necessary safety features, modern amenities, and energy-efficient appliances and gadgets. We have extensive experience in wiring new homes and complying with all applicable codes and regulations. We can also install lighting and outdoor fixtures, outlets and switches, and ceiling fan connections and provide rough-in inspections. Regardless of your needs and the size of your project, Retiz Electric - Austin can provide you with top-quality electrical and lighting installation services. Our technicians are committed to providing you with the very highest quality service, and we guarantee that all work is completed to code and to your satisfaction. Give us a call today for all your Residential Remodeling Austin, new construction, and lighting needs.

Electrician services are essential in the implementation of new construction and Residential Remodeling Austin projects, with recessed lighting and smart home technologies playing a key role. As such, when it comes time to start a project, avoid delays and costly mistakes by partnering with a skilled and experienced electrician. Here at Retiz Electric - Austin, we have what it takes to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. Whether you are constructing a new home or remodeling an existing one, proper and reliable electrical wiring is essential to the success of the job. In residential new construction, the electrician must ensure the wiring is properly connected to the electrical panel and that it meets all safety and code requirements of the area. During the remodeling process, the electrician will be required to rewire any existing systems, appliances, and lights to the new design.

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